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Tadoba National Park

Tadoba National Park, also known as Tadoba Andhari National Park, is a top-notch wildlife destination in India. Located in Maharashtra's Chandrapur district, it covers a vast area of 1727 square kilometers. This park is famous for its diverse wildlife, including tigers, panthers, and wild boars. Its relatively small size and high tiger population make it a great place for tourists to spot these majestic creatures. Tadoba National Park is a favorite among wildlife enthusiasts and a must-visit attraction in India.

The park boasts a significant tiger population, with 43 according to the 2010 census. Visitors can enjoy safaris in open-top jeeps, offering glimpses of tigers, sloth bears, and diverse bird species. Accommodation is available near Kolara and Mohurli gates. The park is divided into three forest ranges with lakes and a river sustaining its rich biodiversity, including various tree species and animals like leopards, bears, deer, and eagles.

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Best Time to Visit Tadoba National Park:

  • Summer (March to June):
  • Ideal for tiger sightings due to clear skies and animals gathering at water sources. Hot weather, so carry water. April and May offer the best chances for spotting animals and birds.

  • Winter (November to February):
  • Comfortable weather for wildlife tours, with a chance to spot various species including migratory birds.

  • Monsoon (July to September):
  • Park closed due to heavy rainfall and the breeding season for wildlife. Buffer safaris available for travel enthusiasts.

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    Inclusions for The Tadoba Retreat

    1) Pick-up & drop from and to Nagpur
    2) Stay & all meals at Tadoba
    3) Stay & all meals at Tadoba
    4)Internal travel at Tadoba
    5)Safaris in core / buffer forest
    6)Pricing depends on self driven / hired vehicle
    7)The tour can be further customized to suit the requirements of the group.
    8)Luxury Tents and Cottage options available.
    9)Tour pricing is Ex- Nagpur

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