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Luxurious Serviced Apartment in nashik
Luxurious Serviced
Apartment in nashik

Luxury Service Apt.

Aashiyana – the warmth of a HOME..!!

And that is precisely what we strive to provide, a HOME away from home for all our guests. Started in 2015, on a concept which has proven to be slightly ahead of times for Nashik, we are now the MOST PREFERRED hospitality destination for many. And the reasons are simple, yet appealing.!! convenient locations, immaculate cleanliness, comfort that awes you, and a welcome-home feeling…

Starting at just one location in 2015, we now offer multiple locations in and around Nashik, which cater to the specific needs of Business Travellers and Tourists. It is our endeavour to provide to our guest, satisfaction of the highest order. In this journey, we intend to grow in the sectors of Luxury Service Apartments, FarmStays, and Nashik-centric Package Tours. And… who knows?? With your continuous support and preference, we may be your hosts in other cities as well, very soon..!!
At Aashiyana, Quality of Service is Priority. Once a guest, always a Guest.!!