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Top 4 Adventure Parks in Nashik

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Top 4 Adventure Parks in Nashik

Nashik is a beautiful city with lots of exciting adventure parks perfect for thrill-seekers and families. Whether you love high-flying activities or just want a fun day out, Nashik's adventure parks have something for everyone. From zip lines and rope courses to lakeside resorts and go-karting, these parks offer a mix of excitement and relaxation. Here are the top five adventure parks in Nashik that you won't want to miss.

Practical Tips for Your Nashik Adventure

  • Best Time to Visit:October to March for cool, pleasant weather; June to September for lush greenery and aquatic fun post-monsoon.
  • Safety First:
    * Age and Height Restrictions:Check each park’s guidelines for specific rides and activities.
    * What to Wear:Opt for sporty, comfortable clothing and sturdy footwear. Dress according to the weather and bring essentials like sunblock or rain gear.
  • Event Hosting:Many parks offer packages for private events, from birthday parties to corporate outings. Customize your experience with adventure activities, catering, and themed decor.
  • 1. Zonkers Adventure Park

    Nestled near the serene backwaters of Gangapur Dam, Zonkers Adventure Park is the ultimate destination for adventure lovers in Nashik. With a wide range of activities and sports, it's the perfect place to reignite your love for adventure.

    Feel the thrill as you explore our exciting adventure options with your friends and family. From Go-karting and ATV rides to Bungee Trampoline and Rock climbing, there's something for everyone at Zonkers. And don't miss out on the exhilarating Zip line and challenging High rope and low rope activities!

    With 24 years of experience in family entertainment, Zonkers knows how to make your weekend unforgettable. So escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and test your limits with our thrilling activities. Zonkers Adventure Park is awesome for having a blast and unwinding. It's ideal for anyone who loves excitement, no matter how old you are.

    Fun Activities:

  • Go-karting
  • ATV rides
  • Bungee Trampoline
  • Rock Climbing
  • Zip Line
  • High Rope Activities
  • Low Rope Activities
  • 2. Ashoka Adventure Zone

    If you're looking for a break from city life, Ashoka Adventure Zone is the perfect geteway. Located just 11 km from the outskirts of Nashik City on the Nashik Shirdi Highway, this place offers a mix of excitement and tranquility that words can’t fully capture—you have to experience it yourself.

    Whether you want to stay overnight, have a fun day picnic, or celebrate special events like birthdays and weddings, Ashoka Adventure Zone is an ideal spot. You can breathe in fresh air and enjoy nature. Corporate events can also be held here.

    Adventure Activities at Ashoka Adventure:

  • Dip, Dance, and Play with Water
  • Wall Climbing
  • Kids Zone
  • Hanging Bridge
  • Obstacle Steps
  • Military Walk and Obstacles
  • Dark Tunnel
  • Swing Over
  • Burma Bridge
  • Archery
  • Air Rifle Shooting
  • 3. Suma Adventure

    SUMA Adventure and Resort in Nashik is perfect for adventure enthusiasts and those looking to spend an exciting day with family and friends. Located among beautiful mountains and by a serene lakeside, it's an ideal getaway from Mumbai and Pune. The resort offers thrilling activities like zip lining, ATV rides, zorbing, reverse bungee, buggy rides, go-karting, high rope bridges, and e-bike rides.
    In addition to the adventure activities, the resort provides a peaceful and luxurious stay with stunning views, an infinity pool, and a complimentary breakfast. It also features a well-equipped conference room for group meetings. Enjoy delicious Indian and Oriental cuisine at Folio Restaurant or grab a quick bite at Fey Café. Both dining options offer a delightful experience with soothing ambiance.

    Adventure Activities at SUMA Adventure:

  • Zip Line
  • ATV Rides
  • Zorbing
  • Reverse Bungee
  • Buggy Ride
  • Go-Karting
  • High Rope Bridges
  • E-Bike Rides
  • 4. Keshar Baug Adventure Park

    Keshar Baug is a top-notch restaurant and adventure park, full of culture and excitement. It's a vibrant place with creative energy, featuring some of India's best restaurants, cultural experiences, and luxury accommodations. Located in Pandurii, 14 km from Sinnar, 30 km from Nashik, and 70 km from Shirdi, it offers high-quality cuisine and excellent service in a stylish and cozy setting. Keshar Baug Adventure Park is the only family entertainment center near Nashik. It offers a variety of adventures for the whole family, including

    Adventure Activities Keshar Baug :

  • Commando Bridge
  • Ladder Bridge
  • Hanging Bridge
  • Net Crossing
  • Rock Climbing
  • Z-Bridge
  • Rappelling

  • FAQ

    When is the best time to visit adventure parks in Nashik?

    The ideal time is from October to March for pleasant weather. June to September is also good for aquatic adventures or enjoying greenery post-rain.

    Does the ride have an age or height restriction?

    Yes, parks have restrictions varying with rides. Typically, there are minimum height requirements for extreme rides and age limits for kids' safety. Check specific park rules before visiting.

    In Nashik, what should I wear to an adventure park?

    Wear comfortable and functional clothes like sporty tops, shorts/trousers, and closed-toe shoes for traction. Consider weather; bring a cap/sunblock for sunny days and a waterproof jacket for rainy seasons. Clothing that could get caught on equipment should be avoided.

    Can I host private events at Nashik adventure parks?

    Yes, Nashik parks host private events like birthdays, corporate outings, and weddings. They offer customizable packages including adventure activities, food, and themed decor. Contact parks directly for personalized arrangements.


    Nashik's adventure parks offer thrills for everyone, from high-energy activities to serene experiences. Early reservations are advised due to high demand. Bring friends for communal fun. Parks offer diverse activities like camping, cycling, hiking, and boating, ensuring enjoyment for all ages.