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Top 10 Things You Should Look In a Service Apartment


Serviced apartments are the best accommodation option for the modern traveller. You want to stay in one for your next vacation. Just like any other travel accommodation option, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before booking. Here are 10 features you should check before booking this apartment.

1. Location:

Especially if you are looking for accommodation, it is better way to get a serviced apartment that is near to your workplace to minimize the transport cost. You need to a good location allows you to optimize work-life balance. When you look a serviced apartment you need to checking public transport options gives you the freedom to stay anywhere and be able to access all your top spots easily from your apartment.

2. Budget:

Taking your budget into consideration and planning your expenses means no nasty surprises can ruin your stay. It's worth remembering that in addition to your monthly rent, you may also be required to pay a refundable deposit, don't forget that some services may additional charges. Services not included in your monthly fee should be clearly stated at the time of booking.

3. Customer Reviews:

You should check customer feedback is a great way to get an honest account of what it’s like to stay in each serviced apartment. You should refer reputable sites such as Trip Advisor allows you to get insight not only into the place you’re staying but the company that provides the service so you can sleep well at night knowing you’ve chosen the right serviced apartment for you.

4. Security:

Safety is an important factor to consider when choosing a serviced apartment. Make sure the serviced apartment you choose has security or CCTV cameras, burglar alarms and secure locks are used in the rooms and safes entrances and exits are covered or not covered. That way, you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about safety.

5. 24/7 Service:

The best options to go for the service apartment are the one which provides when you check whether the 24/7 service is available or not. As you are new in a city you might need something and you don’t know where to go, so if the staff at service apartments is 24/7 available you might no need to anything.

6. Wi-Fi Access:

In today's fastest growing digital world, these essential are becoming more basic. Since Wi-Fi are still accepted as part of rental agreements today, access to these serviced apartments is essential. Make sure the apartment has a wide fibre optic cable that provides optimal speed in every room of the apartment.

7. LED TV With International Channel:

Since most of the people who opt for a service apartment will be working as a professionals, a television is the part of relaxation this category of people opt for. So an crucial and essential inclusion to a service apartment would be an LED TV with a cable connection of International and National channels. The inclusion of a DTH (direct-to-home) connection has also become a standard affair.

8. Pantry:

Pantry can be the good option for people who love to cook their own food. Many service apartments provide their fully functional pantry equipped with modern utensils. Pantry is one of the important amenity provided by service apartments as one don’t have to worry about food quality, hygiene and the taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are service apartment safe?

The service apartments in India are safe and secure, keeping you away from congested areas, and provide security guards and even CCTV cameras to ensure the safety and security of their residents.

2. Are all serviced apartments furnished?

Yes, all serviced apartments are the furnished and this is why they are sought-after by vacationers, business and travelers, etc.

3. Why do people stay in serviced apartment?

Apartments that provide a secure, comfortable environment offer a home like feeling. Apartments often have separate living and sleeping areas, as well as all the entertainment features you could even want: TVs, DVDs, music systems, free Wi-Fi and a private terrace.

4. It is cheaper to live in a hotel than a apartment?

In reality, living in a hotel can be as expensive as you make it. It can be cheaper or more expensive than renting an apartment, depending on your standards of living and how you deduct expenses. Living in a hotel may seem expensive.

  • Space. Serviced apartments typically offer lots of space for guests – with areas to work, cook, relax and sleep.
  • Amenities.
  • Flexibility.
  • Staffed support.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Self-contained.
  • Interior design.
  • Conclusion

    Serviced apartments are really the best accommodation choice for travellers. So, these all are the things you should look when you book a servicedapartment. So, next time you are travelling for business, don’t miss to check out the serviced apartment in Nashik and enjoy a memorable stay here. More details about Aashiyana Inn visit here: http://www.aashiyanainn.com