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On the backdrop of the current Covid 19 Pandemic, Aashiyana Service Apartments is all set to welcome you with renewed standards of hygiene and sanitization.
Redefining comfort, elegance, luxury and well being !!
The safety and well being of our guests is the priority at Aashiyana.
1. Availability of face masks and gloves for the guests.
2. Temperature scanners at the entrance. Guests with temperature above 99.1°F to be redirected to medical facility.
3. Travel history record of all guests as per government guidelines to be maintained.
4. Freshly cooked food in hygienic conditions served by our staff.
5. In-house laundry for guests.
6. Masks worn by all staff including security.
7. All staff screened daily by an on-call doctor.
8. Dedicated frontline staff to ensure minimal guest-staff interaction.
9. Special focus on hygiene and sanitization of all surfaces multiple times a day.
10. Phenolic disinfectants or fresh bleach solution (1% Sodium Hypochlorite) used for cleaning.
11. Phenolic disinfectant sanitization of all common areas (reception, elevator, lobby) is done regularly.
12. 70% Alcohol solution sanitization of all metallic surfaces (door handles, keys, security locks, knobs)
13. Minimal use of plastic.
14. Linen washed in-house. No external washing services used.