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Serviced Apartments: An Ideal Accommodation Choice for Female Business Travellers

Women are dominating the business world now and need to travel to different locations for business deals. They need to stay in corporate apartments and need to adopt preventive measures for feeling safe. They need to take the precautions right from modes of transport to selecting a corporate apartment that offer good security.
The corporate travel policies are failing to address the increasing number of personal safety risks for female. As per the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) in 2018, women are at higher risk when travelling for business.
Therefore, the best serviced apartment provider of Nashik, Aashiyana Inn takes the ensures higher safety and security when female business travellers are at stay.
Below are the reasons for serviced apartments being the ideal accommodation choice for female business travellers:

The business serviced apartments in Nashik are located centrally in the city. This makes it easy to reach spots such as shopping malls, street foods, hotels, cinema theatres, historic places, wineries and so on in just a few minutes.

Spacious Apartments
If you are travelling with your female colleagues, you can easily accommodate all in the serviced apartments in Nashik. You don’t have to book another room for your colleagues. Get everything right from the spacious living area, dining area and bed rooms that will give a home feel.

You can’t take the risk of food when on the business trip. The serviced apartments in Nashik offer microwave, refrigerator and toaster for you to enjoy your meals. Also, they have tie-up with the food partners that deliver the best cuisines of the city.

Safety and Convenience
Managing things in a new city is difficult for any woman traveller. Apart from the security aspects, there are several problems faced by the women travellers such as searching the best store for purchasing groceries. But when you select serviced apartments, you get all the essential ingredients and material in the pantry itself. This reduces the tension of searching for a grocery shop and wasting time.

Another important concern for female business travellers is luxury extras and various service apartments offer them as committed. Some of the serviced apartments offer everything right from espresso machines to self-laundry facilities for giving a personal touch.

When the apartment is beautifully furnished, it can feel friendly to any female traveller. The serviced apartments in Nashik are designed with complete luxury to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Relax yourself with a spa after a stressful day at the best business serviced apartment in Nashik. Don’t miss to work out in the gymnasium in the serviced apartment. If you have a long day, enjoy sipping coffee while starring at the sky on the terrace sit-out.

The Bottom Line
One thing is for sure, serviced apartments are really the best accommodation choice for female business travellers. These apartments are not only safe and secure but also fulfil all the needs that make you feel at home. So, next time you are travelling for business, don’t miss to check out the business serviced apartment in Nashik and enjoy a memorable stay here.
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